Ad, Cox Cessna Centurion

The Cox Cessna Centurion Radio Control Trainer first appeared in the 1977 Tower Hobbies catalog.  An Almost-Ready-to-Fly it is constructed out of a durable foam that was molded into shape.   It appeared again in the 1978-1979 catalog, and then every year until 1985.

 A model of a Cessna Centurion, made from white foam that is currently dirty, with brown, blue an orange decals.
Cox Cessna Centurion RC Trainer, National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection, 2014.37.01.
Done in bad black and whtite phtographs and graphics, this page of the 1978-79 Tower Hobbies Catalogs shows the Centurion in flight, as well as advertising text.
1978-79 Tower R/C Hobbies Catalog. National Model Aviation Museum Archives Collection, Manufacturers & Companies Collection #0043. Click to see ad in detail!

Cox recommended that you fly the Centurion using their Cox/Sanwa radio system.

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  1. Holy Cow!!!! I remember seeing this at Karl’s Toy & Hobby, near where I grew up. I was the youngest person in that section of the store, listening to all the older R/C buffs jabber-jaw away. Now, that’s what I do.

  2. I’m very pleased to see the Cox R/C .049 Cessna Centurion in the NMAM collection. I taught myself how to fly RC with this model, as did so many other pilots over the years. I own several and continue to enjoy them. Kudos to NMAM for preserving this model and it’s history for future generations.


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