New Addition: Velvet 3 CL Stunt Model

Wesley M. Dick was on an airplane watching the wing flaps move when he wondered how the bidirectional flaps could be incorporated into a Control Line Aerobatics model aircraft.  After developing the idea, Wesley had a working system of bidirectional double-slotted blown flaps that he incorporated into a model he named the Velvet 3.

The Velvet III is a CL Stunt model decked out in red and blue.
Wesley M. Dick’s Velvet 3
This close up of the Velvet 3's bidirectional wing flaps indicate how they can go both directions.  In this picture they are in the "closed" direction.
Close up of the bidirectional wing flaps on the Velvet 3.

Flying the Velvet 3, Wesley placed well in various 2014 and 2015 competitions and the flaps have been adopted by other modelers.  On Sunday, July 17, 2016, Wesley, his family, and a large group of CL Precision Aerobatic modelers visited the museum to donate the Velvet 3.

Wesley M. Dick and Maria VanVreede shake hands over the top of the Velvet 3.
Wesley M. Dick presents the Velvet 3 to Museum Collections Manager Maria VanVreede. Photo by Dillon Carpenter.

Thanks, Wesley, for helping to grow the museum’s collection!
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