New Addition: Frank B. Baker’s 2006 B-24

In 1966 RC-flying a multi-engine scale aircraft seemed impossible.  Frank B. Baker with his 60″ wingspan model that “looked like a B-24” proved this wrong.  The B-24 look a like was powered by four Cox TD .020 engines and had only rudder control.  It used the technology of the time, including a Mighty Midget motor that was supplemented with a transistorized “relay replacer” – a home-built electronic circuit used to smooth out rudder movement.

Frank B. Baker's B-24D Liberator is detailed with basic military insignia.
Frank B. Baker’s 2006 1/16 scale B-24D Liberator in front of the museum’s hobby shop.

In 2006 Frank B. Baker designed a second B-24.  This time, thanks to improved technology, Frank made a 1/16th scale reproduction with an 82.5″ wingspan.  Powered by four OS .10 FP engines it had full control of the rudder, ailerons, elevators and throttle.  This model airplane has recently been donated to the museum along with a detailed history of both B-24 models documenting the evolution of RC technology and RC model airplane design.

Thanks, Frank, for helping grow the museum’s collection!
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