#FantasyFreeFlight: R.O.G. Duration Competitors

There’s one last event that is part of the 1915 National Model Aeroplane Competition on of #FantasyFreeFlight and that’s Rise-off-Ground Duration. Apparently, October isn’t the best month to be flying in, because not a lot of clubs posted results for this contest. See all the competitors we know about and choose your club here!









R.O.G. Duration Competitors
Name            Club
Alfred K. Barker    Gray Club
Frank Broomfield    Gray Club
Egbert P. Lott        Gray Club
C.W. Meyers        Gray Club
Ellis Cook        Green Club
Thomas Hall        Green Club
Joseph Lucas        Green Club
Ward Pease        Green Club
James Barker        Orange Club
Wallace A. Lauder    Orange Club
Curtiss B. Myers    Orange Club
L.J. Bamberger        Red Club
William F. Bamberger    Red Club
Ralph Olsen        Red Club
H. Rohnfeld        Red Club

Download a score card now!


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