New Addition: Control Line T-Bolt model

Sam Niebel was the first person to win 1st in Senior Precision Aerobatics flying an electric-powered model.  Sam continued flying his model, the T-Bolt, in competition, winning 3rd place in 2011.  Now in 2015, Sam has retired the T-Bolt and donated it to the museum’s permanent collection.

A young man wearing a gray shirt, dark hat and sunglasses poses on a Control Line circle with a model airplane.
Sam Niebel posing with the T-Bolt after winning 1st place in Senior Precision Aerobatics in 2010.
A young man in gray poses with a detailed CL model in the storage area of the museum.
San Niebel posing with his T-Bolt model in the museum’s storage area, 2015.

Thank you Sam for helping grow the museum’s collection!

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