New Addition: R-Bee-110

Model Helicopters were gaining popularity in the mid-1970s and helicopter plans and kits were appearing in large numbers.  One of these was the R-Bee-110, designed by Bob Benson.

NMAM2015-11-1Noted in the preface to Bob’s construction article which appeared in R/C Sportsman September 1976, the editors said that not only was the helicopter simple and built with readily available hobby parts, but it also was a smooth and stable performer.  A complete R-Bee-110 was recently donated by Bob Harris and is now on exhibit.

Thank you, Bob, for helping to grow the museum’s collection!


  1. this model was originally scratch-built by George Glunt of the Goddard Model Aircraft Club, Greenbelt MD. At that time, I was the only one capable of flying it and that was hovering only. George did try hovering, but became frustrated with his unsuccessful efforts and sold it to me for $50. I played with it for a while, and finally hung it up for a collective pitch system. It has been hanging in my shop and used as an example of early model heli flying for my students at Bob’s R/C Helicopter Flight School. Since I have terminated the flight school , I hoped that by donating it to the museum, others would enjoy seeing this example of a model heli from that era.

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