Give Your Model Some Fashion Sense with Wheel Pants

Popular Mechanics offered some fashion advice for model airplane enthusiasts in their June 1931 issue – dress your model up with  wheel pants!   Read more in the Popular Mechanics issue on Google Books.

Hand drawn diagram of a model with wheel pants and the supplies & plans necessary.
Simple wheel pants can be easily made following the instructions drawn in the June 1931 issue of Popular Mechanics.
Square wheel pants in green and white cover the wheel on The Eclipse CL Stunt model.
Fancy square wheel pants dress up Robert Gialdini’s Control Line Stunt model, The Eclipse, part of the National Model Aviation Museum’s collection.
The Eclipse features tripod landing gear, each with a wheel pant in green and white.
Doesn’t Robert Gialdini’s The Eclipse look stunning in these green and white wheel pants?  National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection, Donated by Robert Gialdini, 1985.29.01.

Visit the museum’s website for more information on the National Model Aviation Museum.

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