New Addition: Heli-Baby RC Helicopter

Schluter’s Heli-Baby was one of the first RC helicopter kits on the market.   This particular Heli-Baby, which is complete and partially assembled, was purchased in the mid-1960s by Arthur R. Pelous.  Arthur managed to overcome the instructions (written in German) and got the model fully assembled, but he never quite got the hang of flying it.

The partially assembled Schluter Heli-Baby kit in its original box, complete with the canopy and pilot dummy. The pilot dummy sports a very bright orange jumpsuit and a headset.The Heli-Baby was donated by Arthur R. Pelous, In Memory of His Brother, Louis M. Pelous, Jr.  Thank you for helping to grown the museum’s collection!


  1. dommage je suis a la recherche de ce modè vous changer d’avis pouver vous me contacter. cordialement alain

  2. I have a new in box American rc revolution 40,blue,never assembled,all parts there,one piece bubble,any one interested in BUYING? M BATES 3139822820,IN MICH

    1. Bonjour Alain! I’d be happy to take some photos for you, but please be aware that for research requests like yours, the museum charges $35.00 for an hour of for staff time, as well as $5.00 per photo. Payments can be made by credit card over the phone or via Paypal. Also, please note that given current schedules, it would be at least a week until these photos could be taken.

      If you would still like to continue, please let me know specifically what type of photos you are looking for. You can get in touch with me directly at ~Maria

  3. hello I have an original vintage Heli baby after there is the super Heli baby there was just to buy a conversion kit to transform it into Heli baby. on eBay there is a complete box of super Heli baby brand new ref 706. I would have liked to know if there are really them to sell complete boxes of super Heli baby which were sold. best regards Alain

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