New Addition: Cleveland Kits

Fred E. Pachasa, brother of Ed Packard, was an active part of Cleveland Model Company in the early years.  Fred had kept a small collection of kits, plans, and other items related to the Cleveland company and passed these items onto his son.  Several of these items were recently donated to the museum In Memory of Fred E. Pachasa.

Boxes of Cleveland kits are laid out on a table interspersed with multiple rolled copies of plans.
A view of part of the collection of kits and plans that were offered to the museum.

One of the kits, a Swallowtail Butterfly, is from Cleveland’s Nature Series, which based rubber-power model airplane designs off of birds, insects and fish.

An orange kit box with black and white drawings of various birds and insects.  The box is very worn and faded.
This kit from Cleveland’s Nature Series is for a Swallowtail Butterfly with a 25″ wingspan. If you look closely, the butterfly is shown in a drawing 2nd from the right.

Thank you for helping to grown the museum’s collection!

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