The Reed Falcon RC model airplane at the 1984 Tournament of Champions

Steve Rojecki, flying an RC model airplane version of a Reed Falcon, won the 1984 Tournament of Champions.  Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the championship was sponsored by Circus Circus Hotel and Casino and 1st place earned $30,000 cash.  Steve was supported by a team that included Ken Bonnema, Don Chapman, Chuck Mills, and Debi Mallory (who later became Debi Rojecki).

After the model’s completion it was test flown at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH.
After the model’s completion it was test flown at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH.
A brown banner proclaiming this to be the 8th Circus Circus Tournament of Champions hangs with a cloudy sky in the background.
Contestants and spectators alike were greeted with this cherry banner.
The Reed Falcon, tilted on its nose, balances on a scale while two men record the information.
Steve Rojecki weighs the Reed Falcon in front of the judges.
Steve Stricker's Stearman.
With the 20 best RC pilots in the world, there was a lot of competition. Here’s a shot of Steve Stricker’s Stearman. Steve won 2nd place.
Ivan Kristensen's Laser 200.
Ivan Kristensen took third place with this Laser 200.
Steve and Debi head to the left while Don Chapman carries the Reed Falcon.
Championship judges watch as Steve, Debi and Don ready the Reed Falcon for flight. Debi served as Steve’s caller.
Don Chapman, wearing a siganture CircusCircus pink jacket, holds the Reed Falcon by the tail before letting it go.
Don waits for the cue to let the Reed Falcon go.
Against a blue-gray sky the Reed Falcon performs a knife edge loop.
The Reed Falcon performing a knife edge loop.
The Reed Falcon comes in for a landing in front of the ToC judges.
Does anyone else wonder what the judges are thinking as they watch the Reed Falcon land?
Steve and Debi kiss behind two trophies while Chuck Mills moves the Reed Falcon in between the trophies.
Steve and Debi celebrate the victory while Chuck Mills positions the Reed Falcon for its photo op.
Five people pose behind the Reed Falcon.
The Reed Falcon team from left to right – Ken Bonnema, Chuck Mills, Steve Rojecki, Don Chapman and Debi Mallory.

Want to build your own Reed Falcon?  The plans are available through the AMA’s Plans Service.

The Reed Falcon is currently on exhibit in the museum’s gallery.  Be sure to visit, the next time you visit the National Model Aviation Museum.

Photo credit, all photos: National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection, Accession file of the Reed Falcon, donated by Ken Bonnema, In Memory of Don Chapman, 2011.22.  Photos shared courtesy of Ken Bonnema and Claudia Chapman.

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