New Addition: Futaba radio system

Jose A. Santiago, Sr. is restoring an old Sportster model to see if he can get it flying again. He removed the original radio components from the model and donated the system, a Futaba FP-T4FN to the museum. The system operates on Channel 56.

A tan transmitter with red labels with operating instructions and four black servos. The receiver is not pictured.
The original owner of the Futaba system labeled the transmitter with operation instructions. Note: the receiver is not pictured.

Thanks, Jose, for helping to grow the museum’s collection.

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  1. The Sportster has been restored with a Spektrum 2-4 MGZ radio and receiver. The OS 35 diesel conversion engine was replaced with an MDS 40 nitro engine and I did some minor repairs and TLC. I tested the plane at the Checkerboard Airfield in Maywood Illinois last sunday and the plane performed and flew very well. Great fun flyer.

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