New Addition: Don Chapman’s helicopter

The National Model Aviation Museum is proud to have just received Don Chapman’s Schluter Heli-Boy 222 RC helicopter.  The helicopter was donated by the Vintage Helicopter Association/IRCHA.   Don Chapman was one of the founding members of IRCHA and the donation marks the group’s 25th anniversary.

In the crowded confimes of IRCHA center stage the Schluter Heli-Boy 222 is presented to museum staff.
IRCHA President Dave Millner poses with Museum Director Michael Smith and Museum Collections Manager Maria VanVreede at the presentation of Chapman’s Heli-Boy 222 to the museum during IRCHA 2014.

The helicopter is now on display in the museum’s helicopter exhibit.


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  1. Wow, it cracks me up seeing people who know nothing about this hobby calling this fake! With ALL of the videos on You Tube that you can watch showing 3D RC helicopter flying (for you non-believers who don’t know what it is called), there is so much proof that this art really does exist. It’s not fake, it’s not CGI and most importantly, those blades are spinning so fast that they can instantly decapitate you. That is NO exaggeration. That’s why these helicopters can move like dragon flies and humming birds. By no means is this type of flying EASY to do (or safe to try for a novice), so before you think that you are going to rush out and buy one, do a search for Roman Pirozek. These things CAN be dangerous.?

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