Incoming Loan from Dr. Roberts

In 1989, Dr. David Roberts loaned two models to the National Model Aviation Museum.  The models, a Stuka Ju-87 and a Mitsubishi A6M Zero, are both well-built, detailed, static scale models, most likely built from Guillow’s kits.  Due to the loan status, there is some question about who owns the models.  We’d like to correct this.  The museum is looking for Dr. David Roberts, or his family, to discuss fully donating the models to the museum or returning the models to the family.

Stuka Ju-87
Stuka Ju-87 by Dr. David Roberts

If you know anything about Dr. Roberts, his family, the Stuka Ju-87 or A6M Zero please contact Maria, the Museum Collections Manager, at, or (765) 287-1256, ext. 508.

Mitsubishi A6M Zero "Zeke" by Dr. David Roberts.
Mitsubishi A6M Zero “Zeke” by Dr. David Roberts.

As per the Indiana Abandoned Property law, the museum is hereby announcing that if no contact or claim is made by the family of Dr. Roberts by June 1, 2015 to the Stuka Ju-87 static scale model and the Mitsubishi A6M Zero static scale model, both will become legal property of the National Model Aviation Museum, as operated by the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

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