Models and Music, part 2

Music filled the entire museum building on Saturday as fifty plus people visited to listen to the music of Alec Wilder played by the Muncie Symphony Orchestra.  After the concert, a large group stayed to wander the gallery and speak with staff, as well as enjoy hors d’oeuvres, drinks and chatter in the McCullough Room.  We didn’t get too many pictures of the Symphony while playing because of how distracting flash is to musicians, but enjoy browsing through the set-up pictures and the few action shots.

I’m having some problems getting the slideshow to link here properly, so in the meantime here’s the the link to the pictures of flickr –

Updated to add – Here’s the link to the Muncie Symphony Orchestra blog post and photographs.  They had a professional photographer taking pictures, so they are a much higher quality than ours:


We look forward to working with the Muncie Symphony Orchestra again.

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