No-fly zone lifted for model planes at Arroyo del Oso Park Web Staff

Pilots have been flying radio controlled model airplanes at Arroyo del Oso Park for more than 20 years. City ordinances prohibit flying in almost every Albuquerque city park, but under an agreement with a previous mayor’s administration, they could fly here, according to longtime pilot Ron Lightfoot.


“Around December, they came through and they put a stop to our flying,” he said. “It was kind of quick and to the point, put signs up- no flying.”

For months, the group made up of several veterans like Lightfoot was grounded. But behind the scenes, they got together with those in the neighborhood who like to see them fly, their city councilor and others and fought back.

Last week, the Parks and Recreation Department agreed to lift the no-fly order, according to pilot Ed Widinski.




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