It’s AMA Build Month!

If it’s October, that means it’s AMA Build Month, a celebration of building model aircraft that fly. It’s what has inspired so many of our members to not only enjoy the recreational aspects of the hobby but has also led to lifetime learning and careers. 

Perhaps AMA Model Aviation Hall of Fame inductee and astronaut Neil Armstrong (Neil A. Armstrong ( said it best when he noted in a letter to former AMA president and executive director John Worth: “My model building and flying activities significantly contributed to my interest in aeronautics and was a primary force in directing my education toward aeronautical engineering.” 

The October 2022 issue of Model Aviation features many build-related features and columns. If you would like to inspire a fellow member to start building, encourage him or her to check out this issue.

October 2022 Issue

Additional content can be found at

If you are seeking to build from plans, AMA has you covered, with more than 18,000 plans to choose from! 

AMA – Academy of Model Aeronautics – Plans Service ( 

Have a build story of your own? Share it with us on AMA social media channels or upload your photos and stories at Now let’s build something! 

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