AMA Plans Service: Behind the Scenes

AMA Plans Service currently has more than 18,000 plans in its collection. In celebration of AMA Build Month, AMA Plans Service is offering a 20% discount for AMA members on all plans. The sale began September 15 and ends October 31, 2022.

Start planning that winter build project today! For a look behind the scenes at AMA Plans Service and member support, we offered a AMA Plans Services – YouTube tour of the facility in 2014. In this video, then-Plans director Greg Prater walked through the selection and production process at the IAC and AMA Headquarters in Muncie, Indiana.


  1. I’m looking for the plans for 2 planes that are hard to find, they are the slow pokes 3 chl. and the slow poke 4 chl. I would very much like too know if you have the plans I am looking for.

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