2023 AMA Nats Schedule Approved

Your organization will celebrate the National Aeromodeling Championships’ 100th anniversary in 2023. Look for more information about this milestone event in the weeks and months ahead. It’s going to be an AMA party, and whether you have participated in the past or have it on your bucket list, all are invited. 

At the October 15 Executive Council meeting at AMA Headquarters in Muncie, Indiana, the 2023 Nats schedule was approved.

2023 AMA Nats and World Championship Schedule
International Aeromodeling Center | Muncie, Indiana

July 6-9 – RC/CL Scale – Sites 4 & 6

July 9-14 – Control Line – Site 1

July 11-13 – RC Combat – Site 4

July 9-14 – RC Pylon – Site 3

July 15-23 – RC Soaring – Site 4 & 5

July 17-21 – Free Flight

July 23-27 – RC Pattern – Site 1, 3 & 4

July 28-31 – RC Helicopter – Site 4

July 28-31 – IMAC – Site 3

August 1-10 – F3C/F3N World Championships for Helicopter

August 9-13 – IRCHA Jamboree – Site 4

For a look back at this year’s event, watch for your upcoming November issue of Model Aviation, with full coverage of the event, or find more resources on the AMA website.

For nearly 100 years, pilots from all over the country have competed at the National Aeromodeling Championships. In this episode, Michael Smith, Director of the National Model Aviation Museum, sits down to talk about the storied history of the Nats and the role it has played in the aeromodeling hobby.

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For more about the history of the event, see National Model Aviation Museum Director Michael Smith’s article in the AMA 75th Anniversary Model Aviation supplement. Or listen to the History of Nats AMA Podcast.

Learn more about the National Model Aviation Museum

For more information contact competitions@modelaircraft.org.

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