National Model Aviation Museum is now open

We are happy to announce that the museum is now open for the 2021 flying season. It will remain open through Sept 17, 2021. Operating hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday – Saturday. There are a few additional Saturdays on which it will be closed, as well as Monday, July 5, so please check the museum’s homepage before you visit.

Thanks to the contributions of Museum Patrons, visitors will be able to enjoy the museum’s first gallery expansion since 2012 featuring our Miniature Aircraft at Work collection. This includes aircraft such as Maynard Hill’s Atlantic Ocean-crossing TAM 5, Reginald Denny’s OQ-2A WWII target drone, NASA’s Mothership and X-33, and the large Yamaha RMAX remotely piloted agricultural helicopter. The new, larger space will make it easier for visitors to view the aircraft plus allow us to display more aircraft, such as the Yamaha and a solar-powered Sig Riser-100SW flown by Purdue University’s Team SunWing.

For those unable to visit in person, the museum’s virtual tour offers a “walkaround” of the museum. On May 23, Museum Director Michael Smith appeared on Model Aviation LIVE! with Model Aviation Executive Editor Jay Smith and discussed the virtual tour, the museum’s online Digital Collections, and History Project.

—by Michael Smith

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