Kwik-Fli, Slow Build: What’s the event?

Kwik-Fli, Slow Build Blog Series header graphic. With a close-up of the model's engine at center, the graphic is done in orange and blue.In an interview with Beppe when he donated the Kwik-Fli Mk. II to the museum, Beppe Fascione explains that his Mk. II reproduction, “was built with other aircraft at the same time, but this one was specifically dedicated to what we members of the Vintage Radio Control Society call Concours. Aircraft prepared for Concours are built exactly to the original drawings, are built exactly with the same materials, the same coloring, the same accessories, and possibly with the same engine, and if, applicable, the same radio. This model since the beginning was very scale.”

The top is a black and white image of Phil Kraft kneeling next to the nose of his Kwik-Fli Mk. II. The bottom is a color picture of Beppe Fascione kneeling in the same position with his Kwik-Fli Mk. II.
Top: Phil Kraft working on the engine of his Kwik-Fli Mk. II in a 1967 Enya ad. Bottom: Bepe Fascione filling the gas tank of his Kwik-Fli Mk. II in 2013.

One of four events held by the VR/CS the Concours d’Elegance is for “those models that best represent the spirit of imagination, experimentation and craftsmanship that characterized the early days of radio control aeromodeling.” Considering the history of the Kwik-Fli series, the Kwik-Fli Mk. II certainly qualifies.

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