New Addition: Roswell Flyer

Advertised as “the most unique RC aircraft in the universe” and as an “alien anti-gravity device”, the Roswell Flyer came out in 1999 after five years of development by the company Area Fifty-One Technologies. As a quadcopter, it isn’t really defying gravity like science fiction would think, but it was still pretty forward-thinking for the end of the 20th century. Larry Markey purchased a Roswell Flyer on February 6, 1999, and when it came and it saw the model was serial number 1, he decided not to build it since it might have historical value some day.

Roswell Flyer was sent as a kit in a black box put through the US Postal Service. The kit contained the frame parts, electronic equipment and motors and the props.
Roswell Flyer quadcopter, #1, kit as ready to assemble.

Instead, he bought a second one to build and fly. He was still flying it the day before he donated it to the museum earlier this year. Along with the flyable aircraft, he donated the unbuilt Roswell Flyer, serial number 1, the original instruction manuals, and purchase invoices.

The Roswell Flyer quadcopter still has the props taped to the frame, but other than that it is ready to fly.
Roswell Flyer quadcopter Almost fully assembled – the props just need to be put on!

Thank you, Larry, for helping to grow the museum’s collection!

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