New Addition: Two Kits

Two kits, a Northeast Aero Square Bird and a Joe Ott Boeing Flying Fortress have been donated to the museum In Memory of Leroy Bickert Jr.

The Square Bird is in a small all white box, and the Flying Fortress is in a big, colorful - but mainly blue - box.
Two kits – A Northeast Aero Square Bird and a Joe Ott Flying Fortress.

Thank you for helping to grow the museum’s collection!

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  1. The Square Bird was designed by Oakland Cloud Dusters member Sherman Gillespie and published in Flying Models for May 1956. A plan is available here:

    This and other Gillespie plans are available on the OCD web site:

    An interesting historical note about this plan is the specification of a 7″ Paulowina prop. At first I thought this was a misspelling of paulownia, the type of wood that was used in Japan for the manufacture of these props. Later I found out that this was the trademarked name of the US importer, IMP. Guillows also imported these paulownia props.

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