4x a Grand Champion: From the 1966 Nats

The person in charge of the 1966 Nats graphic designs outdid themselves! I mean take a look at this brochure-type Nats program. (click the image to read the program!)

This foldable brochure has cut outs so each folded page is topped with what looks like a pennant flying.
1966 Nats Brochure/Program. Source: #0001 AMA Collection, National Model Aviation Museum Archives.

Which was one of several things presented to contestants inside this envelope.

Manila envelope for the 1966 Nats - hte envelope has a doodle of two airplanes shaking hands.
1966 Nats Packet cover, Source: Source: #0001 AMA Collection, National Model Aviation Museum Archives.

And went along with some advertising swag.

Cream (aged to a dark off-white) pennant with red text and graphics, adversing the 1966 Nats at Glenview Naval Air Station.
Pennant for the 1966 Nats from the National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection, donated by Rich Hermann, 2000.58.01

Cool, huh?

Also fun was one of the papers in the packet, the HeadsUP newsletter, edited by Bob Lutker.

An 8x14 sheet of typed paper, mainly filled with repeated lines of, "Now is the time for all good modelers to come to the aid of their hobby." Also of note is a drawing of an exploding toliet.
HeadsUP Newsletter, printed July 24, 1966, from the 1966 Nats packet. Source: #0001 AMA Collection, National Model Aviation Museum Archives. (click to make bigger).

And did you see the trophies Bob Sifleet won!?

Sounds like the 1966 Nats was a fun time all around!

Stay tuned for #SifleetFriday every Friday this summer! And, don’t forget, you can see Bob’s trophies in person at the museum between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2018.

For more information on the National Model Aviation Museum, including our location, hours and admission fees visit: www.modelaircraft.org/museum

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