New Addition: Radio Systems

Two radio systems have been recently added to the collection.

Walter C. Throne AMA# 408L donated an ACL system, which was designed and manufactured by some engineers from IBM.

A gold-colored metal transmitter with side handle and retractable antenna sits wiht a large brick receiver, battery pack and three servos.
ACL Radio System, donated by Walter C. Throne AMA#408L.

Another AMA member donated a Heathkit GDA-1205S system in In Memory of Gerald Linebaugh.

A dark brown transmitter with single stick, angled front panel. Included in the picture are a charging unit and a receiver.
Heathkit GDA-1205S System, donated In Memory of Gerald Linebaugh.

Neither of these particular systems had been represented in the museum’s collection before and we’re thankful to the donors for helping to build the museum’s collection.
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