New Addition: for Archives!

The Museum Archives has been receiving more items than usual this year, and we couldn’t be more excited! So far in 2018 we’ve received:

• A cardboard cutout Cub pilot trainer and other Cub Pilot Corps materials produced in the mid-1940s by General Mills
• 1 AMA contestant card from 1941

This cardstock card dated July 11, 1941 says that Elmer Benedict is a contestant in a contest - but doesn't say which contest.
Scan #2: AMA contestant card, 1941 (#0284 Price Collection, National Model Aviation Museum Archives)

• 14 photographs, including reprinted photos of the 1956 Nats, a publicity photo of Charles Lindbergh, and 2 panoramic photos of the 1946 Plymouth Internats
• 2 envelopes
• 1 certificate
• 1 newspaper article
• Advertising material for American Hobby Center, Aurora Plastics Corp., Byron Originals, Comet Model Hobbycraft Inc., Guillow’s, Lees Hobby Supplies Inc. /Lees Hobby Industries Inc., Miniature Aircraft Corp., Modern Model Shop, and Sterling Models.
• 24 AMA membership cards
• 21 other organization membership cards

This AMA 1954 "Model Airplane Sporting License" dating to 1954 is blue.
AMA membership card, 1954 [Note: This image has been altered to hide personal information on the card]. (#0106 Sarpolus Collection, National Model Aviation Museum Archives)
Through several requests in the museum’s monthly History Preserved article in Model Aviation magazine, the archives requested certain AMA membership cards from years that we were lacking in the Archives. We received some of the needed cards last year, and 24 cards were received in January and February of this year.

The potentially only missing membership cards – if ever produced – are from the year AMA started accepting memberships (1938) and the year after that. We assume if those were made they would have had an NAA logo on them, since a 1940 card we have has the NAA logo on it. We are not sure, however, if they had started issuing cards in 1938 or 1939, or if 1940 was the first year for cards. If so, our collection would then be considered complete up through this year.

We are planning future museum blogs featuring AMA membership cards representing each year from 1940 to 2018. In the meantime, for a glimpse at some of our most colorful cards, check out our blog from last spring.

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