New Addition: Kwik-Fli II

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of talking with Giuseppe “Beppe” Fascione about his Kwik-Fli II and his modeling interests and history. It was a great conversation full of building tidbits and flight stories. Luckily, it was all captured on video so we’ll be able to share it with you sometime soon!

A man wearing a dark sweater poses with a bright orange airplane with the name Kwik-Fli II on the wing.
Giuseppe “Beppe” Fascione poses with the Kwik-Fli II, 2018.10.01

Thanks, Beppe, for donating the Kwik-Fli II to the museum, as well as for sharing your knowledge!

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  1. THANK YOU Beppe for your generous donation of a very historic aircraft to the National Model Aviation Museum!

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