New Addition: AstroFlight battery charger

Thanks to Rob Davis II for this AstroFlight Model 112 battery charger, which he donated in honor of his father, Bob Davis (AMA #13442).

The AstoFlight MOdel 112 is complete with its original black and yellow box.
AstroFlight Model 112 Battery charger donated by Rob Davis II in honor of his father Bob Davis (AMA 13442)

Thanks, Rob, for helping to grow the museum’s collection!

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  1. I’ve heard of Astroflight. Weren’t they in CA? That charger reminds me of my Grandfather, & his superior knowledge of electronics. He lived to visit Radio Shack. When he died, part of me died. My grandmother gave me his 400 Channel AM/FM hyper-scanner, which he purchased 21-years-ago. I got him an A/C adapter for it, for his 82nd Birthday, which was his last one. Thanks for posting this addition.

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