New Addition: Grand National Champ Trophies

Look at all those trophies!  Robert K. Sifleet won Nats Grand National Champion 4 times between 1960 and 1976.  He recently donated a selection of trophies to the museum.  He also sat down with Museum Director Michael Smith and discussed his Nats and modeling experiences.

A man stands proudly next to a table with 6 trophies on it.  The trophies are arranged in pairs of two.
Bob Sifleet posing in his home with 6 of his winning trophies.
Two men chat in the NMAM's gallery under the glare of filming lights and cameras.
Bob Sifleet chats with Michael Smith.

Look for more information on this to come next summer!  Thank you, Bob, for helping to grow the museum’s collection.

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  1. Not shown is that Bob also won the Mulvihill Trophy at the Nats. Probably the only flyer to have a plane survive a blown rubber motor without a protective tube. Rol Anderson caught the motor as it broke and kept it from destroying the plane.

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