#PatchTuesday, August 2017, week 3

Sad news, today’s #PatchTuesday is the last one!  It has been a full year and is time to stop.  Before we end, however, lets raise some money through the Trans-America flights in 1979 and 1981.

"Flying for Jerry and His Kids" is the words above the outline of the US.  "1979 Trans-Am R/C Relay Race" explains the bottom.
Patch, 1979 Trans-Am RC Relay Race, National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection, 2005.02.145.
A bunny facing away for the viewer is at the center of this patch.  "Support Your Local Bunny Easter Seal Telethon 1981 Trans Am RC Rally" is the text in pink.
Patch, 1981 Trans-Am RC Rally, National Model Aviation Museum Collection, 2006.01.111.

For more information on the National Model Aviation Museum, including our location, hours and admission fees visit: www.modelaircraft.org/museum

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