New Addition: AL-33 Towline Glider

This AL-33 towline glider has traveled the world.  Built in 1979 by Andres Lepp of Estonia, he flew it at many international events around Europe and the Americans – including the 1989 Free Flight World Championships in Argentina.  It was then sold to Lee R. Hines of California.  Lee also flew the AL-33 at events in the States and Europe.  Now, thanks to a donation by Lee R. Hines, the AL-33 has a permanent home in the museum.

One wing on this glider is covered with red tissue.  The other has been left uncovered so the wing structure can be seen.
AL-33 towline glider by Andres Lepp, donated by Lee R. Hines.

Thank you, Lee, for helping to grow the museum’s collection!

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