New Addition: Veco 2″ Spinner

This Veco 2″ diameter spinner is pretty plain now, but soon will be painted to match Steve Wooley’s Cobra.  Once installed it’ll look pretty slick (both the spinner, and the completed Cobra)!  Thanks to Will Davis for the donation!

ETA – We stand corrected!  This wasn’t painted, so the spinner will be installed on the Cobra shortly!

The Veco 2" spinner is made from aluminum, and unpainted, is very shiny.
Veco 2″ Spinner, National Model Avation Museum Permanent Collection, donated by Will Davis, 2017.36.01.
Side view of Steve Wooley's Cobra showcasing the slick bluish-green paint job with red, gold and dark green accents, as well as the coiled snake decal.  It is missing an engine and spinner.
Steve Wooley’s CL Stunt Cobra, part of the National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection, donated In memory of Steve Wooley, by Martha Wooley Tullis, 2001.69.01

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