Biplane Bomber plans!

AMA Plans Service now has a new plan for sale!  The Ritchie-Wertz Company’s Biplane Bomber, designed by Charles Hampson Grant in 1919.

The Biplane Bomber has a dark red fusealge and yellow wing.  It is sitting here wiht a color copy of a 1919 newspaper page.
The Biplane Bomber fuselage and one wing, with a copy of a newspaper article discussing the Ritchie-Wertz Company.

The Biplane Bomber in the museum’s collection is damaged and missing the tail and a wing.  Museum Volunteer Gary Rice has spent about six months drawing a complete set of plans for the model by studying the model, known pictures, and published information to complete the missing sections.

Sitting at a drafting table and using drafting tools, NMAM volunteer Gary draws a set of plans for the Biplane Bomber.
Volunteer Gary Rice works on drawing the plans for the Biplane Bomber.
Pencil drawings and notes created during the research process while drawing plans for the Biplane Bomber.
Gary’s research and notes as he was drawing the plans were extensive.

Part of his research included putting a small camera inside the fuselage to find structural and clues left during the manufacturing process.


The museum acknowledges that the plans for the Biplane Bomber are not 100% original, but they are as close as can be based on the original model and existing supporting evidence.

Want to learn more about the Ritchie-Wertz Biplane Bomber?  Watch a Fly-By!

Want to build one of your own?  Call or email AMA Plans Service and order plan #60601.

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  1. When I clicked the Watch A Fly-By! I got an extra message saying something about Windows Defender. Is this a malware attempt? I am using a Mac! So, beware.

    1. Dennis, the museum’s media manager says that it is probably stopping a Youtube ad before the video. There’s no malware attempt or anything wrong with the link. Thanks for letting us know, though. ~Maria

    2. Just as a follow-up, the social media team is now looking into this. The link has been removed. ~Maria

  2. I also get a ZEUS virus message, locked up my Windows PC and warned that I need to contact or ‘they’ will be forced to take over my computer.

    1. Thanks for letting us know that there might be a problem here. The social media team is working with the blog hosting site to investigate. In the meantime, for safety’s sake, the Fly-By link has been removed. ~Maria

  3. Just wanted to say, my Uncle was Charles Hampson Grant, inventor of many airfoils and brilliant engineer… think perhaps most folks know he was also editor of
    “Model Airplane News” from 1937 to 1944 besides designing many of the Ritchie-Wertz models and many others. Here is a bit about him in which I contributed a scant few thoughts from his visit in 1957.

    Many blessings to all. Jim Griffin

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