New Addition: 1999 Draganflyer

In the April 2017 issue of Model Aviation, the museum requested the donation of three Draganflyer products.  Thankfully, one of them, the Draganflyer I, dating from 1999, was donated by Daniel “Super Dan” Fetterly.

The 1999 Draganflyer is a quadcopter arranged in an "+" so to help keep track the leading prop is painted bight orange.

This  Draganflyer I has a great history; it was sold through Probotics of Texas, and used for research purposes.  Dan commented that it was a handful during flight – a statement evidenced by the many spots of glue, balsa supports and replaced parts.

The original dome on the multirotor was replaced with a plastic cup lid. The new dome has also cracked.

Thanks to Super Dan for helping to grow the museum’s collection!

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  1. That Dan is super!! So cool of him to donate! I’ll have to come over and see the exhibit soon!

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