#PatchTuesday, April 2017, week 3

While we certainly haven’t run out of club patches for #PatchTuesday, we are pretty darn close.  Therefore, #PatchTuesday is now switching over to showcase flying events.  How many of these have you attended?


This patch features an outline of the USA with IN highligthed in blue and a star at Muncie's location.  It is for the AMA National Flying Site Grand Opening in 1992.
Patch, National Flying Site Grand Opening, National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection, 2005.02.121.
This crowded patch is done in the hape of OH.  Across the top of the state is 1982 Southwestern Ohio Model Exposition, different kinds of models are below and the left  and red and white stripes are to the right.
Patch, 1982 Southwestern Ohio Model Exposition, National Model Aviation Museum, donated by Jay Yenco, 2005.21.06.
This patch features an eagle carrying a model rocket.  It soars above a fish and a backpack.  There is a odel airplane next to it.  For the Boy Scout Fall Camp-o-ree 1997.
This technically isn’t a model aviation event only patch, but they flew models at the event, so we’ll count it. Patch, 1997 Fall Camp-o-ree, National Model Aviation Museum, donated by DeWayne M. Baird, 2006.35.01.

For more information on the National Model Aviation Museum, including our location, hours and admission fees visit: www.modelaircraft.org/museum

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  1. I have a pretty good selection of embroidered model aircraft company patches. Many from companies that no longer exist.
    I enjoy looking at AMAs collection.

    AMA L716

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