New Addition: Knight Twister

The Multi-Wing Championships, held in Omaha, NE in 1973, were the precursor to the evolution of the Tournament of Champions and IMAC competition.  Flying the Knight Twister, Bill Heger won the event and made history.  On 3/27/2017 Bill, along with his good friend Jack Poppenhager (Jack won the event in 1974) spent some time talking about the model and its history before Bill formally donated it to the museum.

A model airplane is in the background as three men sit around and chat.
Bill Heger and Jack Poppenhager talk with Michael Smith about Bill’s Knight Twister, 3/27/2017.
The Knight Twister is a biplane done in orange, black and white.
Bill Heger’s 1973 Knight Twister.

Want to learn more about the Knight Twister?  Watch the Fly-By!

Thank you Bill and Rose Heger for helping to grow the museum’s collection!

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