New Addition: Jaecks’ Penny Planes

Jenifer “Izzy” Jaecks visited today and donated the last two penny planes her father, Dennis Jaecks, built and flew.

A woman wearing a GI Joe shirt poes next to a cardboard box that opens on the side.  The box is open, showing two fragile indoor model airplanes.
Jenifer Jaecks poses with her father’s two penny planes. The planes are in the custom cardboard storage box that Dennis built for them.

Dennis was an accomplished penny plane flyer, holding the Cat. II Open National Record in 1977 with a flight of 13 minutes 42 seconds.

The thin, fragile indoor model airplane is built of balsaa and covered in a thin clear film.  The model isn't fully assembled and it is resting on top of a brown hat.
A Jaecks Penny Plane sits on top of its carrying case.

Jenifer donated the two models in honor of her father.

Thank you, Jenifer, for helping to grow the museum’s collection!

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  1. glad to see my brother Dennis and his daughter Jenifer get some of the recognition they deserve.
    Duane Jaecks

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