#PatchTuesdy: Club Patches, pt. 9

There’s so many club patches in our collection, we’ve barely scratched the surface.  Here’s a few more!

This scene depicted on this patch shows the state of Oklahoma flying!
Patch, Good Ole Okie Flying Society (Oklahoma), National Model Aiation Museum Collection, Found in Collection, 2005.01.132.
Looking disappointed, the pilot stitched into this patch crashed his model airplane.
Patch, The Sky Streakers Modelers Club, National Model Aviation Museum Collection, Found in Collection, 2006.01.107.
The size of the umbrella stitched over the head of a bird posing next to a model airplane, is not big enough to stop him from getting wet.
Patch, Rainbird Flyers (Ketchikan, Alaska), National Model Aviation Museum, Found In Collection, 2006.01.110.

Interested in having your club’s items in the museum collection? Contact Maria at mariav@modelaircraft.org, or 1-800-435-9262, ext. 508. The museum is also interested in your club’s story. Share it as part of the History Project!
For more information on the National Model Aviation Museum, including our location, hours and admission fees visit: www.modelaircraft.org/museum


  1. I have a question i been reading up on some of these new rules about flying and having to belong to ama or not.Well im still newish to rc planes and flying them,My question is do you have to belong to a club?I am an ama member and the man who taught me to fly has been for years,so i was just wondering if you had to belong to a club to enjoy being a member of the ama. Thank for yalls help and takin the time to read this Thanks, Dennis

    1. Thanks for the question, Dennis! I am forwarding it over to the AMA staff who deals with these questions – they’ll be in touch soon. ~Maria

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