New Addition: Stratolark

Flying the Stratolark, Francis Heeb won the Mulvihill contest for the 3rd time in 1965.  The Stratolark, which combined two of Frank’s previous Wakefield designs, boasts a 56″ fuselage, 300 square inch wing area and a hand-carved 24-28 prop.

The Stratolark model has a square fuselage and long, thin wing.  It is posed here with the Mulvhill trophy and another trophy from the 1965 Nats in an black and white photo.
The Stratolark poses with Frank’s winning hardware. Photograph courtesy of the Heeb Family.

With a wing loading of 2.85 ozs. per 100 square inches and a 1:30 motor run it boasted three five minute flights and a last flight of 4:49 minutes.

In this black and white picture, the Stratolark is flight with the prop fully folded.
The Stratolark in flight. Photograph courtesy of the Heeb Family.

Thank you to the Heeb family for donating the Stratolark to the museum!

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  1. I remember seeing a stratolark being flown by George Rivers at the 1970? NATS, really an impressive model that was unfortunately destroyed by a blown rubber motor. I just had to build one. I bought a set of plans from Model Airplane News and built it. It flew well in spite of my somewhat crude construction.

  2. I built two stratolarks. Between them, they lasted a total of fifteen flights, before being lost in contests. A fantastic design.

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