Coming Soon: Artifact Photos That Spin

The National Model Aviation Museum has recently acquired a new piece of equipment that allows us to take high-resolution 360 degree spherical photographs of objects. With the rig, we have the ability to not only take spherical 360 photographs of an object, but also hemi-spherical (180 degrees), single angle 360 degree photos, and 360 degree rotational videos. We hope to photograph most, if not all, of the objects on display, as well as almost all of them currently in storage. The completed rotational videos will be available on our website through the virtual tour for visitors who might not be able to make the trip to the museum.

The camera rig is made of aluminum and installed in a large office.  Bright orange foam protects protruding points.
The Camera rig has 5 Canon t5i DSLR cameras that feed into a hub that connects to a computer. The turntable is also connected to the computer. Software sends a signal to tell the turntable to rotate a set amount and all 5 cameras fire at once.

The rig we have now is for our smaller objects (wingspan less than 4 feet). Soon we hope to set up our other larger rig for larger artifacts.

The Zipper is shown at a 3/4 view from the front right.  The background is completely white.
Carl Goldberg’s “Zipper” prototype is on display at the museum. This photo is one of 320 photos that make up the digital 360 degree spherical view.

Watch the museum’s social media to learn when the first 360 views are posted!


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