New Addition: O.S. Minitron Radio System

Steve Mills, AMA #1836, donated an O.S. Minitron Radio System in the original packaging.  The system contains transmitter model TX-6SB and receiver model RS-6; an escapement was not provided.  There’s some wear on the outer box, but the inner packaging and the equipment itself is brand new.

The transmitter of the O.S. Minitron system is enclosed in a faux black leather case.
The O.S. Minitron System, 2016.26.01

Thanks, Steve, for helping to grow the museum’s collection!

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  1. I have a transmitter and the receiver and 3 servos . It’s a Ogana Model Mfg.Co, LTD Osaka Model O.S.Minitron TTX-6SB. I’m looking to see what it is worth.

    1. Hi, Mr. Harper! According to our museum policies, museum staff can’t appraise any artifacts/values, so I can’t help with this question; I’m sorry. It is recommended that you post your question to – I’m sure the community there will be willing and able to help you. Good luck!

    2. Hi John. If you still have the OS Minitron outfit for sale do please get in touch as I would be interested in adding it to my collection.

      Kindest regards Jonathan Glass


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