#PatchTuesday: Club Patches, pt. 1

Introducing #PatchTuesday!

Model airplane clubs play a vital role in the life & history of model aviation.  The museum honors this role by collecting & preserving club memorabilia, especially patches.  Over the next few months, a few of these patches will be shared each Tuesday.

This bright blue patch features a large buzzard riding a model airplane.
Patch, Auglaize Buzzard Baiters (Ohio), National Model Aviation Museum Collection, Found in Collection, 2005.01.148.
This footstep-shaped patch shows a profile of a model airplane in yellow.
Patch, Georgia Aircraft Modelers Association – Warner Robins, National Model Aviation Museum Collection, Found in Collection, 2006.01.123.
Round with a medium-blue background, The "L" of "Larks" takes on the graceful shape of a bird.
Patch, Lake Charles Area, Radio Kontrol Society – LARKS, National Model Aviation Museum Collection, 2006.01.147.

Interested in having your club’s items in the museum collection?  Contact Maria at mariav@modelaircraft.org, or 1-800-435-9262, ext. 508.  The museum is also interested in your club’s story.  Share it as part of the History Project!
For more information on the National Model Aviation Museum, including our location, hours and admission fees visit: www.modelaircraft.org/museum

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