New Exhibit: Control Line Speed!

The spotlight is on Control Line Speed in the museum’s newest exhibit.  Fourteen CL speed models, dating from 1945 to the 1980s are shown along with relevant documentation and information on the CL Speed classes.

The new CL Speed exhibit is four bays filled with 14 models in front of a blue sky background.Exhibited models include Bill Wisniewksi’s Pink Lady, Johnny Clemen’s world record setter, Wally Wallick’s Wally’s Demon, and Jim Wade’s Eagle I and Eagle III.

 Jim Wade's Eagle III is one of the artifacts now on exhibit in the museum's CL Speed Case.Wally's Demon, Pink Lady and Johnny Clemen's World Record Setter are now on exhibit.This blog post explains a little about how these models can go so fast!

The new CL Speed Exhibit fills four bays in a large white case.  A blue and white sky background is printed behind the models.We do not have every Control Line Speed class represented in the museum’s collection.  Do you, someone you know fly speed models?  Please contact Maria at to discuss the possibility of donating models to the collection.

Thanks to museum intern Kayla Al Ameri for putting this exhibit together!

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