New Addition: Sifleet’s F1E Model Airplane

Launched from a hill, Free Flight Slope Soaring Gliders (FAI Class F1E) fly in a straight line into the wind.  To allow them to stay on course, models are equipped with a magnet-based automatic steering device attached to the rudder on the forward fin.  Built in 2002, Robert K. Sifleet’s F1E model was flown in the 2003 FF World Championships when Bob won first place.  Bob also flew the model during the 2013 FF World Championships when he won second place.

Robert K. Sifleet's F1E model has a carbon fiber and kevler fuselage and a wingspan of 89 inches.Thank you, Bob, for donating this model to the museum’s collection.
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    1. Jim, We contacted Bob and here is his response:
      There are no plans available. There is a good 3 view of the model in the 2004 NFFS symposium PP 150-151. There is enough detail to construct a model. It is possible to purchase a new model from the modeler in Moldova who makes and sells F1E models.

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