Bing Autoplan Conservation, pt. 12

Guess what!  After almost two years, the Bing Autoplan drawings are done!

Several sheets of the Bing Autoplan drawings at the NMAM.A close-up of the engine diagrams from the Bing Autoplan at the NMAM.A close-up of the wing assembly of the Bing Autoplan at the NMAM.Want to build your own example of this 102 year old flying machine?

The Bing Autoplan on display at the National Model Aviation Model Museum.You can purchase the plans, hand-drawn from the original 1914 Bing in the museum’s collection, from the AMA’s Plans Service Department, Plan #60595.  (Note that the drawings are accurate as far as visible.  The engine and tank were not dis-assembled for the plans and the drawings are based on visual cues only.)

Many thanks go to Tom G. who started to work on the plans, and then Gary R who finished them, spending almost every Tuesday for the last year and half working on these plans.  We hope everyone appreciates their work as much as we do.


  1. Hi ,,I have an original air cylinder and the wire wheel carriage and engine and wood prop,,,would like to purchase the complete plans to complete the wings and addition wires,,,am I right in seeing that your plans show that the wing is flat with no curvature? regards MarkZ

    1. Hi, Mark, sorry for the delayed reply! I was going to tell you to call Greg and speak to him about the plans, but he tells me you already have been. Good luck with your project!

  2. Hi, i would like to purchase the plans to finish the bing autoplan.

    I live in France, it is possible to have the plan by postal mail ?

    Have a good day


    1. Hi, Thierry! Someone from the AMA Plans Department will be contacting you to discuss! Thanks for your interest!

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