The Golden Peanut Trophy of 1967

In 1967, Henry Struck, flying a Howard Pete built from Dallaire plans won the first Peanut Scale competition.  Appropriately, the trophy he won was titled The Golden Peanut.

The trophy is made from wood, plastic and a real peanut painted gold.  After almost 40 years the trophy was in pretty bad shape.  Namely, the peanut was rotten, although the gold paint hid that until you looked closely.

Vance Gilbert stepped up to restore the trophy after it was donated to the museum.  Restoring it involved hunting for a peanut with a similar size and shape to the original (the hard part) and generally cleaning it up.

Before – March 2015

2015-44-01-VGilbert-before(picture by Vance Gilbert)

After – January 2016

2015-44-01-after(picture by Cecelia Pettigrew)

Thank you Vance for restoring the trophy!

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