NMAM Digital Collections Search Tips

The software powering the National Model Aviation Museum’s Digital Collections has some quirky search features.  And, the museum has standardized many common names and searches.

Your search will find better results using the tips and knowledge below:

Search tips:

This search feature is not as powerful as Google.  To get the best results, try leaving your search description fairly general (e.g. Superfortress, not Boeing B-29 Superfortress).

Generally, you will get the best results if the word you are searching for is singular (e.g. helicopter, not helicopters).

“OR” is the default connector between words (e.g. a search for Guillows kit will return records associated with Guillows OR kit – so you’ll have Guillows and Cleveland kits mixed in your results).

If you want to find records where both keywords are found, type in AND between the two words (e.g. Guillows and kit will return a result of a Guillows kit, and will not contain any mention of Cleveland kits).

To search for a specific phrase, be sure to put the phrase within quotes (e.g. “Guillows kit”).

You can also use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard (e.g. a search for histor* would come up with records containing history, histories, historical, etc.).

Searches are not case sensitive.

Nationals has been abbreviated to Nats in almost all cases

Internationals has been abbreviated to Internats in almost all cases.

Events are always written with the year first.  (e.g. 1969 Nats and 1977 RC Soaring World Champs).

Control Line, Radio Control and Free Flight are always completely written out.  They are occasionally abbreviated to CL, RC and FF.

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