New Addition: Hobie Hawk RC model sailplane

First produced in 1974, Hobie Hawk sailplanes quickly gained a positive reputation in the model sailplane community.  After many years of searching, the National Model Aviation Museum finally has one for our collection.  Donated by Terry W. Gillespie, the Hobie Hawk now in the museum’s care was part of the first run of 10,000 kits produced and was given to Terry as a kit by Hobie Alter himself.  After Terry had built the model, Hobie added his signature as the last detail.  Thank you to Terry for donating the model, and to Arnie Gaus for his help in securing a Hobie Hawk for the museum.

Two men examine the fuselage of a blue and yellow Hobie Hawk RC model sailplane.
Hobie and Terry discussing a feature of the Hobie Hawk RC model sailplane.

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