New Additions to Start off 2015

We’re starting 2015 off right with several great new donations to the collections.  Received already this year:

An off-white plastic and dirty RCAT transmitter.
A Carl Goldberg RCAT transmitter used by the Armed Services to control foam target drone FQM-117Bs, donated by Phillip P. Koury.
The plain cardboard box of this SIG Mustang Stunter kit is decorated with a bright yellow label.
A SIG Mustang Stunter CL kit donated by the Richard Shultz Family.
A large model engine, photographed from the side.
A Heindel 3w-60K 2 cycle gas engine, donated by Charles W. McGlothlin, Jr.

All of these items are going into the permanent collection.

Mr. McGlothlin also donated:

A scale reproduction of an Extra 300S, sized to be 30% of the original.
Mr. McGlothlin also donated a 30% Extra 300S, in the color scheme of Patty Wagstaff. This model was added to the museum’s education collection and will be used at events for hands-on demonstrations.

Thanks to Phillip P. Koury, the Richard Shultz family and Charles W. McGlothlin, Jr. for helping us grow the museum’s collection!

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