Old Ad, Must-Have Christmas Gifts of 1946

The 2014 Christmas shopping season is almost over.  As some late-minute buyers are rushing around looking for gifts (or just good deals), let’s pause and look back to the ads for modeling items that were filling the December 1946 magazines.

What modeling gifts are you hoping to get for Christmas?
The Genie Tool is a type of cutting tool with interchangable tips.
This Genie Tool is so magical it can punch, drill, notch, saw, gouge and carve all depending on the tip. A must-have for your modeling tool kit!
Credit: Ad, Inter Coastal Company, Inc. Air Trails Pictorial, November 1946, pg. 14.
This ad states that "you never get hooked!" when you show at The Hobby House of New York, New York.
If you’re concerned about not getting cheated when ordering from a catalog, then you should shop at The Hobby House.
Credit: Ad, The Hobby House, Air Trails Pictorial, December 1946, pg. 72.
E.T. Lombard and Company wanted kids to know that their radio kit was so good "it's a honey!"
It isn’t a model airplane, but there were a lot of youngin’s longing for a radio of their own in 1946. This kit offered a chance for them to obtain one – and maybe get bitten by the RC bug at the same time.
Credit: Ad, E.T. Lombard Company. Model Airplane News, December 1946, pg. 72.
For their Christmas in December sale, Merlin Miniatures slashed the price of the Super B engine from $21.50 to $18.00.

Christmas in December, what a concept!  A perfect time to get the Merlin Super “B” engine.
Credit: Ad, Merlin Miniatures, Inc. Air Trails Pictorial, December 1946, pg. 114.
Scientific proved how hip they were to the times by advertising model airplane kits called "The Humdinger" and "Atomic."
With a name like Humdinger, it has to perform well. The fact that it is made Scientific makes it all the more likely.
Credit: Ad, Scientific Model Airplane Co.,Air Trails Pictorial, December 1946, pg. 85.

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