New Addition: Smog Hog RC Model Airplane

Howard Bonner’s Smog Hog, which won the 1956 Multi-Class RC Nats, was one of the first multi-channel aerobatic RC models and helped pave the way for later RC Pattern aircraft.  With this history in mind, the museum accepted a Smog Hog built by Giuseppe “Beppe” Fascione.

The clean lines and easy build of the Smog Hog are easy to see. Beppe’s Smog Hog won the VR/CS Concourse event in 2005 and is as true to the original as possible.

Thank you, Beppe, for helping to grow the museum’s collection!


  1. I had a Midwest Esquire that looked much like this. Reeds equipment failed right after launch and it flew 10 miles away, farmer found it and called me. Had to repair after cows had stepped on it. Put proportional gear in it and then sold it to someone to learn on. He turned the Tx off when he got in trouble and handed it back to the instructor, it crashed.

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